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### NEW! Now you can also send Self-Destructing short text messages to your friends! ###

### It requires cellular data connection or wifi connection and send/receive push notification enabled in order to work. ###

When a “Yo” is not enough… Send smilies as push notifications to your friends!

Are you happy, sad, wanna say I love you or send a kiss to someone…

Heey is what your looking for!
It’s so simple! 2 taps only!
Just swipe left or right to change smilie and tap it!

Heey smilies are:

: ]
: [
; ]
: *
: P
= ]
: O
Happy birthday!
Happy hour?
Call me please
Coffee break?

Merry Xmas!
Happy New Year!
And many others will come!

So make friends and send’ em your moods!

To get new friends tap menu then the search users button.
In the search field type first name or last name or both of a person you know, if he/she doesn’t exist as a registered user tap the button INVITE at the very bottom to send him/her a sms containing the link to get this app from the App Store.