iCoe -> In case of emergency provides an absolutely fast access to your medical info when your iPhone is locked.

With iCoe all you have to do is push the home button or the power button and swipe down even if the device is password locked.
Only two moves, that’s all!

Why iCoe:
Because it’s the fastest to reach.
You can set your blood type to: I don’t know, if you don’t know it of course.
You can switch between Kg and Lbs right from the Widget.
iCoe have a Reanimate option.
iCoe can be installed also to an iPad.

The only thing you got to do is swipe down from the very top of the screen to get access to all your medical info.

In case of emergency, if you get unconscious, rescuers can get your medical info just swiping down from the very top of your iPhone screen even if it’s password locked and save your life.